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Client's Testimonials

"Julienne, Thank you very much for all your help, you were a great help and I appreciated the comments and reassurance you gave me after meeting and checking Callum."  - Mum Hollie and baby Callum   



My baby is 14 weeks old and I have breastfed him since he was born. Without julienne, I don't think I would have made it past 2 weeks! The reason I've kept it up is that Julienne taught my baby to latch well early on so when it's going good, it's a wonderful bonding experience that words can't really describe. I ran into lots of problems - infections, thrush, swollen nipples, excessively fussy baby, baby with food sensitivities. It has not been easy but Julienne has guided me through every step. She's always "on call" it seems, even sometimes quite late in the evenings. She is very empathetic, kind and of most importance, competent. She's helped me to sort out every issue so far. I can't recommend her highly enough! - Mum Gill and baby Jimmy


"Our experience with Julienne has really been amazing. We have had one visit to begin with, which was extremely useful to understand our baby's cues and work around them for a perfect latch. Julienne also taught me different positions that allowed me to breastfeed while lying down, sitting etc. After that, Julienne has always answered my questions when I called or messaged her. Highly recommended and well worth it for a long breastfeeding journey!!! - Mum Andrea and baby Sasha

My son is 12 weeks and I can honestly say that without Julienne's help, I probably wouldn't still be breastfeeding him. Her support in the early days helped me and James to establish a good latch and enjoy great feeds and she's provided excellent support more recently with feeding issues during growth spurt. She is true professional who goes above and beyond to provide sound advice and support with compassion and a genuine commitment to her client's well being.  -Mum Steph and baby James