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Antenatal Infant feeding Workshop

Individual Request : £75 - HOME VISIT ONLY

You can make an appointment with me on informal infant feeding workshop in the comfort of your home with your partner or a family member.  Boost your confidence of getting off to a good start and planning ahead on how to feed your baby. On this home visit the feeding class will discuss all the basics that you need to know on the early days, weeks and beyond. This class usually takes at least 1 hour of visit.

POSTNATAL FEEDING SUPPORT in the comfort of your own home


£120 - weekdays home visit, £150- weekend home visit


£70- weekdays, £90 on weekend


£50 per visit - weekdays only

The home visit include feeding support on assessment, baby oral assessment, techniques in improving infant feeding such as positioning and attachment, expressing, feeding plans, referrals and working towards your needs in feeding. The visit usually takes between 1-2 hours.

Frenulotomy - (Tongue-tie snip procedure) HOME VISITS only


£200 -weekdays with Feeding Support

£250- weekend with feeding support

£70- follow up

Where most babies do not need to undergo any procedure to improve feeding, some babies may need tongue-tie release/Frenulotomy (a minor procedure intervention). I will provide information on the benefit, risks, alternatives of the procedure upon your request or when it is necessary.

I can offer Frenulotomy to babies who are less than 6 months old, received vitamin K after birth and has no underlying medical conditions such as rare bleeding disorders. This also takes between 1-2 hours.