"Your baby feeding journey made easy"

Breastfeeding Specialist Support 



Breastfeeding is golden, pure, nutritious, healthy, cost effective, positive, bonding, relaxing, enormously rich, healing medicine, natural, happiness, love and so much more! Yes, with good support, these are achievable.

Further information

Skin to skin helps early and frequent breastfeeding. Skin to skin comforts and calms mum, dad and baby. It helps to regulate baby's heart rate, temperature and respiration. And even if you choose not to breastfeed your baby or you maybe having problems with breastfeeding, skin to skin  is always good for your baby's immune system and brain development while increasing mummy's milk supply or a way of bonding in your new family.

Yes, skin to skin is the best thing to start and end your day!

According to NHS statistics, about 4-11% of babies develop ankyloglossia or tongue-tie. Many parents worry about baby's tongue-tie, but this alone should not stop you from breastfeeding. Tongue-tie awareness and specialist help are both necessary.